Cameron is just like one of the guys to everyone except Jake, her brother's best friend. When she discovers him using her room to hook up with a girl, the sparks fly between them.

Strange Magic

It was like he had stepped straight out of my dream. He was even wearing the same clothes. I stood rooted to the spot as he walked right past me without even glancing my way.

Susannah has a prophetic dream about a guy she has never met. She later sees him at school and learns that he is a new student. He awakens a power in her that she never knew she possessed.


.My best friend's crush is going to be my stepbrother. I can't stand him, but now I have to live with him. It's a good thing that I'm not attracted to him, because that would make everything so much worse.


This is the sequel to Heartless.

Cade wants a second chance, but Lexie doesn't want to get burned again. Her attraction to him is just as strong as ever, and he knows it. He'll use every dirty trick in the book to win, but Lexie has learned how to play his game too.
This book is not intended for younger teens.


My enemy had seen me naked. He was holding the proof right before my eyes, and my stomach lurched sickeningly.

"Seems like you had too much to drink last night," he remarked in that condescending tone he always used with me.

I looked up at him as he stood watching me from the doorway with his attitude of superiority. In that moment of weakness, I actually tried to plead with him. "Please. I've never done anything to you."

"Begging me on your knees. That's a good start."

Dread turned my clammy skin cold. Mason Sumner hated my guts, and he would have no compassion for me. This was bad. This was really, really bad.

The Evolution of         A Bad Boy

Dylan makes a bet with Celeste that he can seduce her. In return, she bets him that he'll succumb to the temptation of another girl before that ever happens. Will he change his wild ways, or will he change Celeste?


He was her best friend, but he dropped her for popularity. Now he's not the same boy she knew, but he's taken notice of her again. Ivy has also caught the attention of the school bad boy, and he has intimidated her into posing as his girlfriend. Things are not always as they seem though, and she's not sure where the real danger lies.



We used to be friends. I even thought that we could be more than friends, until the unthinkable happened. Now he sees me as his enemy and hates the very sight of me. I wish that I could hate him back, but I can't. He's not the guy I fell in love with. He's hardened and angry, but he's still the only one who makes me feel this much.

Notice Me

Tyler doesn't know why he's interested in Emma since she's not one of the hot girls at school. After he steals her notebook, he reads something that she doesn't want him to see.

Fake Boyfriend

In desperation, Sarah hires Gage to pretend to be her boyfriend.

"Afraid to be alone with me?" he challenged. "How am I going to be your boyfriend then?"

"Pretend boyfriend," I emphasized.

He gave me a tight-lipped smile. "You do know that this has to look convincing if you expect people to believe I'm your boyfriend, don't you?"


Chloe has a crush on the gorgeous, popular Jason. She convinces her equally gorgeous and popular neighbor, Lucas, to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to get Jason's attention. Now that Jason has finally noticed her, Lucas wants to be more than her pretend boyfriend. Who will Chloe choose?

Loss of Inhibitions

After drinking too much at a party, Heather wakes up naked in Jayden's bed. She doesn't remember everything that happened, and she wants to forget the rest. Jayden then challenges her to resist him while she's sober.

Guilty Pleasure

What happens when the guy you hate reads your diary and finds out you fantasize about him? The cocky, conceited school player says he won't give it back until he has fulfilled every fantasy. How long can Kendra resist him?

Fire and Ice 

This book contains two novellas. In the first one, Fire and Ice, Cassie tries to thaw the cold, focused Derrick, who is the only guy not to succumb to her flirty ways. In the second one, The Devil You Know, Alexa tries to resist the bad boy next door.


Nate was my secret crush until I accused him of murder. Now he hates me, but I've also accidentally attracted the wrong kind of attention from my intimidating new stepbrothers. Suddenly, I'm surrounded by bad boys and trouble, and I'm not sure who I can trust.


Mila was a little girl when she first saw the young man who scared several other children at the zoo. She later learned that the children died. When she saw him again several years later, he looked exactly the same as before. She realized that people always died after his visits, but she seemed to be immune.

Nobody can escape death, but Death can't escape Mila.

The Other Side of     Midnight
The sense of foreboding came out of nowhere. It was so strong that I couldn't even speak at first. My eyes lifted in horror to Blair's smiling face. "Death stalks you tonight," I warned. "Stay inside your house. Don't go out for anything."

Clarissa was just pretending to be a fortune teller for the school carnival until she made an eerie prediction of danger that came true. Damien survived the vicious attack but began to exhibit strange behavior.

Werewolf romance